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About Soucy Shanghai

Manufacturer of High Quality Molding & Injection Rubber Parts in Shanghai, head quarter in Canada, we have around than 40 years’ expertise in this field. Part of Soucy Group, composed of 10 subsidiaries globally, more than 1400 employees, near 2 billion RMB in turn over.

Soucy group

Soucy International
Manufacture of track systems, parts and accessories
Soucy Caoutchouc
Rubber tracks molding
Soucy Plastiques
UHMW-PE Compression Moulding
Soucy Techno
Rubber compound
Black polyethylene-based masterbatch

Soucy Baron
Rubber Parts Moulding
Soucy Rivalair
Machining and inspection
Bending and forming tube
Stamping, welding and assembly
Soucy Belgen
Gray Iron, Ductile Cast Iron & ADI
Soucy China
Quality Assurance

Soucy Koutou
Molded polyurethane foam
Upholstery, sewing and cutting
Soucy USA
Office Space